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Our Shows

The William "Bill" Worsley Show

Education, Politics, S.T.E.M., Current News Events and Live Streamed Events

Airs Fri. @ 6pm

A Call To Freedom Show

Hosted by Will Coley. Economics and ALL things Freedom. Airs M-F. Times to be announced soon!

THE Police Show

How NOT to get arrested! The latest news on scams and community safety news. Airs Daily. Times to be announced.

More Shows!

The School Show

The latest local charter, private and public school news. Host by REAL school students, parents and leaders.

Cook It Like It's Hot Show

Hosted by Super Cook. In case ya'll don't know, Super Cooks are like a Chef X2. :-) Hosted by Ms. B and the Crew. Sundays. Time to be announced. NO, that is NOT me in the picture above! Our sponsor for the site went ahead and started building it I got to get my hair did for this picture child!

The REAL... Estate

Hosted by various local real estate agents that DON'T PLAY AROUND with YOUR money!

The GOD Show!

Politically incorrect. All about The I AM. Updates on the coming Singularity! Pastors, Preachers, Ministers, Imams and more answering very tough questions.... because a WAR for your mind has been going on for a long time. Hosted by YOU! Airs Sundays. Time to be announced!

The Book Show!

The latest READS... you should be READING! Host slot open. Times to be announced.

Global WarNing Network

The latest results from the still active and un-contracted military grade/munitions level "monitoring algorithm".  Take a seat and listen to a real live numbers station broadcast. You can even get your own coded message read! Hosted by "civilian agents".  Perfectly legal. All encryption keys request should be sent via Signal App. Listen to the show for more info.!

Times and Dates to be announced!


Power Preaching Hour!

House Shaking Preaching!  Open Slots!

Sunrise Meditations

"The Kingdom of GOD Is In You/"... Let it In!  Times to be announced. Host Slot open!

The Devils Advocate

Fiery Analysis of Scripture. Think! Read! Study To Show Yourself Approved! One Day You Will Have A Test. Hosted by some of the best teachers and researchers of Scripture. 






Sponsored Slot In Negotiation. 

Past Shows! Updating....